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about us

It is this behind-the-scenes work to which Empearl founder Megan has dedicated her career. Having spent almost a decade as an experienced EA focusing on business growth and public relations, in 2022, Megan launched Empearl to bring her expertise to a wider audience.  Megan’s extensive background sustains an impressive working network and global concierge.  

meet megan

"Over the last decade, I’ve been very fortunate to travel the globe, exploring many corners of the world and creating some incredible experiences whether that be business or personal. I quickly realised that life is a world of opportunities and you can manifest anything that you want. 


I have learnt that if you look hard enough you can find people that want to help you enjoy your experience and share their favourite moments and I am one of those people.  I thrive on exploring the world of luxury lifestyle and being able to share my discoveries with my clients and creating new experiences for them. 


My aim is to inspire you to lead a life well lived."

"I had the pleasure in the past years to work together with Megan in the organization of large events related to the shipping industry. I really appreciate how she listens and prioritizes the different aspects of the various projects, making it easy for the team to work efficiently and quickly. She is also optimistic and innovative in her approach to solving problems. Her ease of communication and her high perception of details that can make an event stand out, make
her a valuable partner in special and demanding projects."


empearl believes in...

Building real relationships, making moments memorable and focusing on the details.

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