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frequently asked

  • Where are you from?
    I was born and raised in Somerset, UK. I lived there until I was 20 and then moved to London.
  • What was your career before Empearl?
    I was the Executive Assistant to the Group CEO in a Shipbroking firm for almost 10 years. I was also the Global events manager and officer manager for the London headquarters.  Stepping into a male dominated industry at the age of 20 was a real eye opener! Every day was different, challenging but often fun. I needed to be very resilient and quick on my feet. I learned through making mistakes and always using my own initiative which enabled me to grow throughout my career. I have always been very ambitious and I felt the day came for me to venture on my own.
  • How did you come up with the name for your business?
    Megan means Pearl. I wanted the company name to mean something to me. Pearls are a symbol of confidence and personal strength, and I stumbled across a quote ‘Pearls represent wisdom gained through experience’ and that really resonated with me and my journey to start my own business.  I first jotted down ‘M Pearl’ and then Empearl came to mind. Empearl actually means ‘to form into pearls’.
  • Where is your favourite place to visit?
    That is a tough question, because I have visited so many amazing cities and countries around the world for work and pleasure. From Sydney to New York to Dubai to Singapore… but I am in love with Europe, especially Greece. I have spent a lot of time there for work and have also made some good friends, so I am lucky to travel there several times a year.  I am most happy at a little Taverna with local Greek wine and freshly caught fish. I have a secret place that I have been visiting for years that I tell no one about.
  • What was a stressful event that you have planned?
    I organised a corporate Christmas party for over 200 people in a high-end venue in London. The company wanted an A list band to play as a surprise for the guests. I spent months organising and unfortunately the band that was booked pulled out several days before the party due to unforeseen circumstances. The staging and lighting had already been set up at the venue and the guests knew there was a surprise act. There was only a matter of days to find a replacement – eventually we found an act and it worked out with great success. The whole crowd loved the performance and had a fantastic night. They had no idea about the near disaster that took place just days before. I now always have a black up plan.
  • What luxury products have you had to source last minute?
    I get very last-minute requests to source luxury gifts for clients.  At the beginning of my career, I spent the first years hectically running around Bond Street but eventually found my staple go to pieces.  Christofle have the chicest table wear to vintage antique pieces, you can’t really go wrong. Linley is my personal favourite, from stunning crystal wear to the state-of-the-art handmade desks and you can personalise pretty much everything. I also work closely with some local art galleries sourcing specific artwork for clients, which is one of the favourite parts of my job.
  • What is your style?
    Quality over quantity has always been my style. I have a very classic wardrobe with a few statement pieces.  For business meetings, I would choose a Roland Mouret pencil dress and pair with some Aquazzura pumps. For a more casual look, I would pick some tailored but relaxed trousers paired with a cashmere jumper, blazer and then throw on some Chanel ballets.
  • What is your favourite hotel?
    I have two. Amanruya in Bodrum. It is like you’ve died and gone to heaven. I’ve been lucky to stay several times and I am always truly blown away. I adore the Aman group, it is such a unique brand. Also, Xigera Safari Camp in Botswana - there are no words for this place except MAGIC! You must check it out.
  • What is so special about Empearl?
    One of the special things about Empearl is building real relationships and having a very supportive network which I am open to share with my clients. I work with my clients focusing on the tiniest details from the very start to the very end and I truly love making things happen for people that they didn't think was possible.
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